Advantages of Business Evaluation for Every Successful Business

Aaron Collingwoog
2 min readJul 2, 2021


Are you aware of the value of the business you own? In practice, many entrepreneurs fail to realize the vast importance of this and often neglect measuring the potential and value of their business per year.

Since you have set up an entire asset with a large investment, it’s only wise to be aware of your input for the business in the present and future. Just like how we seek a doctor for yearly checkups, we need to learn about the fair value, sale value, taxation, partner ownership, and divorce proceedings in order to get an objective estimation of the business.

Craig K. Stephens & David R. Stephens, authors of the book “Why Every Business Needs a Business Valuation,” aim to guide all the business owners and fresh entrepreneurs by helping them realize the importance of business valuation. Whether or not one is planning to sell the business, having an idea of your business’s monetary value is essential. Grab a copy of the book to boost your knowledge on this immensely important business factor.

3 Advantages of Business Valuation:

Smooth Buying and Selling Transactions

A business valuation helps to assist transactions if any of the partners wish to sell their share. If your company is small, then it’s likely that a buy-sell agreement might disrupt the organization.

Business valuations can help businesses reanalyze their buy-sell agreement with their partners.

Efficient Planning for Growth in the Future:

An estimation of your business’s progress gives you an idea of where your firm stands currently and what the potential for growth actually is. Thereby, it makes it easier for owners to determine their plan of action for the future. Take into consideration how far the firm has come since the beginning, and devise strategies that could increase the revenue and generate sales accordingly.

Good coordination with lenders:

There might be a need for a financial push. There may come a moment when you think about acquiring a new business.

For this, lenders mostly need a business valuation in order to sign off on loans. Well-established businesses might encounter some challenges in their market if a valuation is missing. Lenders can help you better with your proceedings if the business valuation has been undertaken previously.

About the author:

Craig K. Stephens is a virtuoso marketer who has been operating in the financial field for the last few years. He is the reason behind many businesses’ success by telling their businesses stories. Most brand’s strong suit is in their unique stories and their commitment to the business’s customers. We all do business with a person that we recognize, are fond of, and confide in. It is the same for a business. In this project, Craig operates with his brother David R. Stephens to tell the stories of business owners and how a business valuation can impact their businesses in a way that they never dreamed achievable. It is a worthwhile and precious read if business and entrepreneurship interest you or if you are an entrepreneur.