Finding a Life Partner with the Same Mindset as Yours

Aaron Collingwoog
3 min readMay 31, 2021

We grew up living with our family and surrounded by people from our social circle. We interact and share opinions with our neighbors, colleagues, family friends, etc. All these people we meet happen to be our friends and acquaintances because of the mere fact that they were “around us” since growing up. And since many of us live in the same society since childhood, we are influenced by them and adopt their thoughts and beliefs.

But as you grow up, complete your graduation, and reflect on many things in life, you tend to form a different perception, and now your ideas, feelings, and choices might start to differ in stark contrast with the teachings you’ve been brought up with. What’s happened is that you shifted from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. And this is why you cannot see eye to eye with people you initially shared the same opinions with.

Now, it’s completely okay to have people around who may not agree with most of your opinions now. Everybody has their own, and we should respect it, right? While one can just as easily interact and engage with these people, when one cannot dismiss the difference in mindsets is one they are choosing a life partner to get married.

Married life constitutes an essential phase of this life, and it’s imperative that you choose the right partner for yourself. If you’re an ambitious person with goals, big dreams, visions, and planning your successful career, then you need to find a person with the same mindset. A spouse who duly understands your vision and also has his/her own dreams and career goals will always be supportive and helpful to make you achieve yours.

M. Harley wrote the book Dreams, Desires, and Destiny” to describe how one can attain a perfectly blissful married life and also grow in their career. Painting the story of his own life, he emphasizes how finding the right partner for him made all his struggles, challenges, and hardships considerably easier and manageable. Having the perfect partner can really alleviate one’s troubles. Things seem less cumbersome when you have someone to motivate and encourage you every step of the way.

If you’re someone who wants a like-minded and the perfect partner for yourself, then learn to be expressive. Be vocal about your concerns, opinions, and vision. Articulate your ideas, feelings, and goals and why they’re important. Travel to places. Meet new people, develop compassion, humility, and empathy for those around you.

Communicate well, but also listen. Listen to other’s points of view. Don’t just talk; sometimes, you’ll know who the right person is by understanding their viewpoints and finding yourself connecting to it in a way too.

Author’s Bio:

M. Harley is a happily married entrepreneur with a successful business track record. They were also successful in managing the most complicated mergers of all — a blended family. Together, they successfully raised three boys into adulthood. Their book, Dreams, Desires, and Destiny” entails their story of how their dreams, like-mindedness, and professional career goals brought them together and have made them inseparable. The concept and narrative of this book are both awe-inspiring and relatable to the readers on many levels.