The beauty of Photography and the Stories Each Picture Entails

Aaron Collingwoog
2 min readJul 8, 2021

Photography is an art that connects people not by words but by portraying emotions and feelings through pictures. It’s an impressive way to deliver a message to people, something that can be understood while leaving a long-lasting impact on the minds and hearts of people.

Maggie Lynch is one such passionate photographer who loves to capture the beauty of nature, objects, and sceneries through the eye of her camera. Her deep love for serenity, intricacy, and delicacy led her to capture well-curated, informative, awe-inspiring, and motivating messages that fascinate the viewers. Her book, Positive Futures,” is one such example of her marvelous work of art that is sure to grab the attention of each individual who has an eye for beauty.

Photos hold a special place in the lives of every person. Not only are they a means of bringing back the essence of old occasions, but they are also a reminder of all the experiences, enabling us to cherish the memories we made with our loved ones.

Going through old pictures makes us relive those moments that cannot be brought back. It’s a means to preserve our memories of those people who may not be with us anymore. Times change, people come and go, and with the passage of time, our memories begin to fade away. And eventually, all we are left to reminisce those moments are pictures that you clicked. The happy moments which you will cherish forever.

The time you have spent will never come back, but remember to keep your camera with you so as to record those best moments that you can recall later on in your life.

About the Author:

Maggie Lynch grew up with the advent of rock and roll, listening to Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, loving the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and in the ’60s, marching on Washington against the war in Viet Nam. At Harvard, she decided whether to take her final exams or go to Woodstock. Having skipped her senior year of college, she entered the Master’s program in Education. She did not plan to become a teacher, but it was a fantastic place for her to fulfill all her New England heritage expectations. Her book, “Positive Futures” ASIN: B07KDLCX6K is a collection of spectacular pictures that will enrapture the attention of people and making them decipher the priceless messages over one’s bright future and the path to success.