The Plight of Refugees and their Stories Need to be Heard | B.D. Guandong

Aaron Collingwoog
2 min readJun 3, 2021


Unawareness is ignorance too. Not knowing about what a significant portion of the population is going through is something that speaks of our ignorance. In a world of technology, social media applications, gadgets, and fast internet broadband networks, unawareness about the world’s crisis and the plight of a vast majority of people means that we’re turning a blind eye to the injustices and inequality around us.

B.D. Guandong pens down a book that sheds light on his personal journey in life. He wrote “A Story of Hope and Resilience” to highlight some of the burning issues of refugees going on in the world at a massive scale, which do not receive much attention and coverage. Living life under an oppressive regime in Sudan, Guandong has lived a life of deprivation, misery, hardships, and challenges. He describes what it’s like to hope against all odds, to dream bigger things in life when the possibility of it turning to reality seems so narrow. This book is written with the aim of creating a world in which every child could live with a sense of belonging to his homeland, in which no child would be deprived of basic human rights and enjoys the freedom and liberty they rightly deserve.

Educate yourselves

Having the privilege to read and write and keeping yourself unaware of the important social issues around us speaks of one’s irresponsibility to society. Do your part and learn about the ongoing issues of refugees. Read the newspaper, articles, blogs, and information online. How then would you be able to play your part in the betterment of the world if you aren’t informed and updated about the crisis people are facing?

Raise Your Voice for the Subjugated People

Not everybody enjoys the privilege that you were born with. Some people still dream of having a place they can call their own. A country they can belong, a platform where they can voice their hardships, struggles, and pain. Be a voice for such people and stand up for what’s right.

Be Compassionate

Irrespective of a person’s race, skin color, caste, and creed, be open to help everyone. It’s about time that the world sees all humans with the same eye and eradicate racism, discrimination, and hatred based on religious, social, and cultural reasons.

About the Author:

B.D. Guandong was born into an oppressive regime led by the Islamic Regime in Sudan. He witnessed this regime transgressing the boundaries between cruelty and humanity. He went through some extremely harsh times, and in this book, he tells his journey. Guandong has always been a staunch believer inequality among humans across all ethnicities and religions. He struggled to reach a point where he could tell his life story, and now, he hopes to raise awareness among people about these long-ignored issues.